VMware Secure Mobile Desktop Bootcamp Day 2

VMware View Bootcamp Mobile Secure Desktop – Day 2

– Storage Tips and Best Practices
– VDI Storage Challenges
– Understand IO requirments
– Assessments
– Solutions

It’s not rocket science…but it might be model rocket science
– Think in terms of performance, not storage (IOPS)
– Size doesnt matter (okay it matters a bit)
– Hard to correct later, PR problem
– Need good user experience, good performance

No one knows average and peak IOPS for desktops, desktops have dedicate spindles
In virtual world, IO is important, must know info

SSD / 6000
15K / 175
10K / 125
7200 / 75
5400 / 50

Total IOPS divided by # of desktops (theory worse case scenario)

Total IOPS for 1 desktop

Average IOPS
IOPS divided by # of desktops over time

Random IO

Linked clones conserves space, more storage than IOPS
– 1.25TB usable space = 300 (60GB/4GB Linked Clone) to 615 (20GB/2GB Linked Clone)
– Plenty of space, not enough IOPS
– Capacity for many, performance for much fewer

How do you figure out? Get usable numbers?
– Rules of thumb
– Calculator
– Assessment

VMware View Planner
Lakeside software and LiquidwareLabs to do assessments of physical environment

View Storage Accelerator = cool…enable it
vShield Endpoint instead of standard AV


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