VMware View Secure Mobile Desktop Bootcamp Day 3

VMware View Bootcamp Mobile Secure Desktop – Day 3

Overview – Storgae Considerations / Best Practices w/Nimble

Nimble – hybrid iSCSI CASL (Cache Accelerated Sequenial Layout), Tierless

– Setup Nibmle Setup GUI
– Network considerations
– Multi interface – mgmt, iSCSI Discover, iSCSI data, support
– Recommend separate network for mgmt and data
– Data – round robin mpio
– Jumbo Frames for 10G end to end, host-switch-storage
– Perf Policies
– Define policy for VDI
– Block size = 4k
– Caching = Yes
– Compression = Yes

– Host connectivity
– Initiatior group, ESXi hosts/clusters
– Enable vCenter pluging

via CLI on nimble
– vmwplugin –register
–server <vcenter>
–username <user>
–password <password>
via CLI on vCenter
– esxcli storage nmp satp rule add
Makes for easy deployment/volume creation from vSphere

Protection Templates
– sync, snapshots, replication
– consistent application of policy to volumes
– 1 for core inf, 1 for vdi pools
– Efficent storage, managed at volume level or collection level

– Volume collections contain set of volumes with same mgmt properties
500gb to 1tb suggested, reserve 50% for thin provisioning

– Capacity overcommit – thin provision, compression, linked clones

– read req, write req, balacne overall IOPS
– View Storage Accelerator still = cool


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