VMware View Secure Mobile Desktop Day 4

VMware View Bootcamp Mobile Secure Desktop – Day 4

Overview – Advanced Security and Networking for VMware using F5 Big-IP

Overcomes 10k pod limit by load balancing multiple pods

How F5 addresses security, performance, availability/scalability and user experience

User Experience
– Performance over WAN
– Access methods / complexity
– Login steps
– Encrypt all WAN traffic
– Unified Access (local vs remote and mobile)
– Integration with exisiting authentication
– Integrity
– Scaling VDM servers without more power or rack
– Ensure availability
– Unite multiple pods or sites

Unify access to DC
– Mobile, Home, Wireless, Lan
– Home computer, iOS, Android
– One solution to manage all access
– Capacity for all users
– Optimize delivery

SSO – Login Once
Unified AAA services
– Pre-logon checks
– OS, AV, FW, process, file, registry
– Remediation
– Group policy (corp+non-corp assets
– Protected workspace
– Visual Policy Editor
– Persistence
– User disconnects, soon reconnects will get the same connection server using iRules/L7
– Persistence based on username



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