VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Day 5

Day 5 – VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop

TrendMicro – Agentless AV

Zero footprint, agentless via VMware API

VMware vSheild end point on ESX
Trend Micro Deep Security installed, integrated with vCenter, drivers installed, Virtual appliance deployed

Profile based
– Settings/features

Mobile Secure Desktop Profiles:
– Knowledge Worker
– Power User
– KW – Traveling
Diff VMs in diff folders

Automatic Profile Assignment
– Computer created task
– Assign profile
– Activate after x minutes
– Conditions

Quarantine on DSVA, not VM
No user feedback
Consider deploying deep security notifier in Master VM
– User warning balloon tips
– Config overview
– Event viewer
– VMCI needs to be enabled on guest and dsva, settings on master image

Web Reputation prevents malware from getting onto vm
– Low, medium, high, paranoid

Virtual shielding, virtual patching
– Create VM from master, install agent, run rec scan, select dpi rules, repeat for new master

File integrity monitoring
– Software updates master only
– Every system change is ‘suspicious’


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