Why you need a Social Enterprise platform

Social networking is more than tweets and likes, its more than just blogs, wikis and user profiles.  Yes, those things are all tools that help achieve “social” but it is ultimately about an experience, a feeling you can give your employees to feel empowered (you know those people you hired that are experts at anything from marketing, customer service, finance or IT) to be more productive, to work better across functional and geographic teams.  I have spent months researching these platforms and there is none better than Jive (www.jivesoftware.com / http://www.jiveon.com), though MangoSpring appears a pretty good second.  Culture matters to people, being able to connect, share ideas, ask questions and for help beyond just the teams or cube mates they know.  If you don’t have any plans to implement an enterprise social platform to replace (or at the very least greatly enhance) your companies intranet you should start looking now.


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