VMware ESXi 5 Maximums

As I am studying for the VCP5, I will have some random posts here so I can look back and review quickly!  Might be boring stuff to some folks.

Number of virtual CPUs per host:  2048

Number of cores per host:  160

Number of logical CPUs:  160

Number of virtual CPUs per core:  25

Amount of RAM per host:  2TB

VMs per host:  512 (up from 100)

VMs per cluster:  3000 (up from 1280)

Number of vSwitches:  248

Ports per vSwitch:  4088 (8 reserved by ESXi = 4096)

Maximum ports per host:  4096 (yes 1 vSwitch maxed out would be the max per host)

Port groups / vSwitch:  256

Uplinks / vSwitch:  32

VMkernel NICs:  16

Maximum active ports per host:  1016

vDS per vCenter:  32

Maximum vDS ports per host:  4096

vDS ports per vCenter instance:  30,000

ESXi Hosts per vDS:  350

Static Port groups per vCenter instance:  5,000

Ephemeral port groups per vCenter instance:  256

VM CPUs:  32 (64 as of 5.1)


VM SCSI Adapters:  4 with 15 devices per

Ports:  Parallel 3, Serial 4, IDE 4, Floppy 2, USB 1 controller / 20 Devices


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