VM Guest Patching in vSphere 5

I knew it was coming, it just fell off my radar.  VMware’s acquisition of Shavlik has turned into vCenter Protect Essentials Plus.  With the ability to patch VM guests from Update Manager gone, this is the integrated solution available to VMware customers.  Like the license changes for vSphere however, this now comes at an additional cost – though not horrible.  For 50 protected servers (physical or virtual) you are only in for an additional $2650 per year($53 x 50) for a centralized patch management, anti-virus, configuration management and scripting solution.  vCenter Protect Essentials Plus can also patch offline VMs and templates ensuring new VMs are already up to date when deployed from an existing template or offline VM.  There is also a standard version which does not include AV, scripting or config management for $35/protected machine.  Is anyone using vCenter Protect Essentials Plus – if so how do you like it and is it worth money you are being charged?


2 thoughts on “VM Guest Patching in vSphere 5”

  1. I’m using over 500 CALs and I can say with certainty that while the product looks great on paper, it is FAR FAR from what it promises. It’s buggy, slow, randomly crashes, and the documentation is at best written by two different people who obviously never compared notes. If you’re looking for a nice ‘set and forget’ product to keep your VMs updated, look elsewhere right now. A vPE 8.1 might fix some of the flaws, but I’m willing to bet this product – if VM is serious about selling it, needs a complete re-write by VMware to deliver what it’s advertising.

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