Netapp Edge VSA – Rapid Cloning Utility (RCU)


At VMWorld this year Vaughn Stewart from Netapp presented SS1011 &  SPO3339 where he spoke about the release of the Netapp Edge Virtual storage appliance.

This got me quite excited, for many reasons, but the one I will discuss today is the use of the VSA for my test lab. Using the VSA will allow me to test enterprise features, without requiring expensive and noisy equipment in my lab. Sounds good hey!

In this article I will demonstrate Netapp’s Rapid Clone Utility and how it can deploy large numbers of VMs very rapidly, without a storage (I/O and capacity) or compute (Ghz & Ram) overhead.

So before we begin, if your interested in what I have in my lab, please see “My Lab” blog post.

The only difference is I now have the Netapp Edge VSA serving NFS storage to my physical ESXi host , named “pesxi01” as well as…

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