HA with UCSM Integrated Rack Mounts from UCSguru.com

Great overview of HA with Cisco UCS manager


Hi All
One of the founding members of the Cisco UCS Avengers , Fabricio Grimaldi (who also happens to be the Cat who first introduced me to Cisco UCS) came up with a great question.

“How does HA (Split Brain avoidance) work with UCS Manager integrated Rack Mounts when there is no Chassis and therefore no SEEPROM.”

Great question and one I had to admit I did not know the answer to.

Luckily another 2 Cisco UCS Avengers founding members were also CC’d in on the question Scott Hanson and Sean McGee and it was Sean who came back with the answer.

But before we get into the answer a quick recap on how this works in a B Series environment

B Series Split Brain

If you are ever in the unlikely scenario that both of your Fabric Interconnect cluster links fail (L1 and L2) the Active UCS Manager remains active but the standby…

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