What I’m thankful for

I am thankful for my wonderful and beautiful wife and daughter, my parents and in-laws, all of my family and friends, that I have been blessed with having most of my grandparents still with us to get to meet my daughter, that I got to spend 20+ wonderful years with my grandfather even though he left us to early, for my and my families health, my ability to provide for my daughter, the roof over out head and continue to have no problems with it, that my wife and I are both employed, for the wonderful opportunities that have come my way of late including meeting the #nerdherd.

I pray for continued health for my wife, daughter, myself and all my family and friends, that we can all continue to be employed and enjoy an excellent quality of life even in todays material world. To continue to see my daughter learn and grow into a smart and beautiful person. I pray for one of my best friends and his family who recently lost their mother, I hope that you can enjoy the holidays, keeping her in you hearts. I pray that we all keep our jobs, and companies start to realize its about “working to live” not “living to work” – life is to short, no job is worth not being with your family and friends. Oh and a few million dollars wouldn’t hurt either while I’m asking đŸ™‚


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