The most important interview question you can ask yourself – “The Lunch Test”

As I have been interviewing pretty extensively over the last 6 months, I found a new question to ask myself to rate a potential employer (and managers/supervisors you should ask yourself this same question as well about your potential new employee) – Would I have lunch with my boss and/or people on my team on a regular basis?

I think this is an important question, outside of the normal skill, work ethic type questions you typically think of.  If I am going to spend 8-10 hours a day with you working, I better like you enough to spend an hour with you at lunch.  I have been fortunate over my career to work with some great people, so even though I wasn’t thinking about “The Lunch Test” before, I lucked into working with people that would have easily passed.

So if you are interviewing, do the people you might be working with pass “The Lunch Test”?


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