Example Architectural Decision – Virtual Machine swap file location via Josh Odgers (@josh_odgers)


Problem Statement

When using shared storage where deduplication is utilized along with an array level snapshot based backup solution, what can be done to minimize the wasted capacity of snapping transient files in backups and the CPU overhead on the storage controller having to attempt to deduplicate data which cannot be deduped?


1. Virtual machine memory reservations cannot be used to reduce the vswap file size


1. Reduce the snapshot size for backups without impacting the ability to backup and restore
2. Minimize the overhead on the storage controller for deduplication processing
3. Optimize the vSphere / Storage solution for maximum performance

Architectural Decision

1. Configure the HA swap file policy to store the swap file in a datastore specified by the host.
2. Create a new datastore per cluster which is hosted on Tier 1 storage and ensure deduplication is disabled on that volume
3. Configure all…

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