VMware Hands On Lab (@VMwareHOL) First Impressions

HOLlogoSo excited to get my invite to the VMware HOL, I couldn’t help but share.  There have already been a lot of people on the Twitosphere who have had access so not all of this may be new.  Having spent 5 of the last 6 years in companies who specialized in training (3 at a SaaS LMS/HRIS vendor and almost 2 at an HR consulting company) I am absolutely in love with the interface of the HOL.  Running in Chrome there is almost no delay in page or menu loads and the VM console performance is excellent.


The walk through of the labs via the ‘Manual’ section (at least on my first lab) is well written, provides a useful backdrop to the work and moves very nicely from one task to the next.  The labs (again this is based on my first lab, and won’t mention that again) also walk you through some related scenarios versus just a step by step of that specific task.  For example if I am changing switch settings, I also have to adjust the VMs connected to that network.  I particularly enjoyed this because it also exposed me to the 5.1 interface since I had not yet updated my home lab (which is getting dusty again).

I have to double check the T’s & C’s to make sure I can share more, which if I can I will post a few videos and screenshots

Since I have seen a few other blogs with more screenshots, I decided to add another.



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