Example Architectural Decision – Virtual Switch Load Balancing Policy via @josh_odgers

Another excellent post by Josh Rodgers on design considerations


Problem Statement

What is the most suitable network adapter load balancing policy to be configured on the vSwitch & dvSwitch/es where 10Gb adapters are being used for dvSwitches and 1Gb for vSwitch which is only used for ESXi management traffic?


1. vSphere 4.1 or later


1. Ensure optimal performance and redundancy for the network
2. Simplify the solution without compromising performance for functionality

Architectural Decision

Use “Route based on physical NIC load” for Distributed Virtual switches and “Route based on originating port ID” for vSwitches.


1. Route based on physical NIC load achieves both availability and performance
2. Requires only a basic switch configuration (802.1q and the required VLANs tagged)
3. Where a single pNIC’s utilization exceeds 75% the “route based on physical NIC load” will dynamically balance workloads to ensure the best possible performance


1. If NFS IP storage is used with a single VMKernel…

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