vCenter Server Appliance. Part 1 – Configuration and deployment via @jreypo

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With vSphere 5 VMware has released the vCenter Server Appliance, or VCSA, a linux based alternative to the classic Windows vCenter. During the next three articles I will detail how to deploy and configure the VCSA, the vCenter additional services and how to manage the embedded database.

– VCSA feature and limitations

The VCSA is a SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 64-bit virtual machine with the vCenter Server software and its associated services pre-installed. These services include:

  • ESXi Dump Collector
  • ESXi Syslog Collector
  • vSphere Auto Deploy

I will explain how these services are configured in the VCSA in the next article.

The appliance has a minimum requirements of 4GB of RAM, 7GB of disk space and 2 vCPUs. For a more detailed descriptions of the VCVA requirements you should check this VMware Knowledge Base article:

The are some limitations for the…

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