Mounting iSCSI volumes in Windows Server 2012

Maybe I am mis-remembering, or maybe not, but I was mounting iSCSI volumes created on a storage appliance today and was baffled a bit.  This should be easy right?  Configured storage, password/authentication go to the iSCSI initiator in Windows and add the IP address of the storage device.

So far, all was working as I thought it should, the two iSCSI volumes showed up, entered the CHAP password that was configured and connected….but no drives showed up – hmmmm.  As it turns out in Server 2012 I have to bring the drives online.  Maybe I am so used to doing this in ESXi that I just forgot but pretty sure I did not have to do this in 2008 or 2003.  Once you see your drives connected in the Microsoft iSCSI initiator go to Server Manager >> File and Storage >> Disks.  You should see your volumes here with a status of “offline.”


Simply right click, select Bring Online and accept the warning about other servers (of course if other servers are connected it may be worth while to heed that warning!).



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