My 2013 Cloud Computing Predictions

Seems like everyone is writing a “predictions” post for 2013, so I figured I would join in the fun.  Here are my predictions for 2013:

  • Vendors will continue to use the word “cloud” to describe everything from SaaS to Iaas to Whoknowswhat-aaS and confuse businesses and consumers alike.
  • Start-ups will continue to launch their products on IaaS providers (what I consider to be “cloud”).
  • Established companies will move workloads to Iaas providers.
  • Both will ignore high availability and SLA best practices and blame those vendors when there is an outage instead of building highly redundant/available sites.
  • Companies that make IaaS providers easier to use will pop up more and more.  Companies like Maderia Cloud and RightScale will become more prominent.
  • Everyone will still be talking about OpenStack this time next year.
  • VMware will become a bigger player in the IaaS space when vCloud Service comes out of beta (I wouldn’t trust production workloads to a beta service).
  • Companies that build hybrid architectures for easily moving workloads between local “cloud” and public “cloud” services will have an advantage to those who have purely done one or the other.
  • DRaaS will explode, most will have built their own data centers and not be using public IaaS providers.

Hope that was an entertaining list for you, do you agree or disagree with any of the above?


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