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VCAP-DCD scheduled, study notes updated.

Well I did it, I scheduled my VCAP-DCD for Tuesday February 26th.  I have a lot I want to cover between now and then and here is what I will be doing.

  • APAC #vBrownBag VCAP-DCD recordings (done but will likely listen to them a few more times)
  • Clustering Deep Dive (about half way done)
  • VMware Press books – storage and building a vDC
  • Mastering vSphere 5 (re-read)
  • DR/BCP course from VMware available on MyLearn

That doesn’t seem like nearly enough as I write it out.



Well that sucked, 3 days later I am over it…a bit.  I am not upset that I failed but upset I got away from my original plan of how/what/when to study for my VCP5-DV.  Here is my plan.

  • Test rescheduled Tuesday.
  • Practices test and re-reading key chapters from Scott Lowe’s vSphere book – primarily on HA/DRS, Storage, Monitoring and VUM.
  • Mike Preston’s OMG Study Guide Monday night for last minute cram/refresh
  • Marking questions I am not totally sure of, but ONLY changing answers if another question later on helps me figure out a better answer.
  • I am boycotting reading about the VSA and VDR since I got slammed with Q’s on my first test (okay not really just being annoyed about that).  I will probably read the tech white paper on both this weekend.

My original post about prepping for the exam can be found here:  https://jonathanfrappier.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/vcp5-study-prep/